Our Story

Naples is the capital of an ancient kingdom that has always given the world art and culture. With its colors, smells, tastes and vitality, it’s cuisine reflects the soul of Italy. Therefore, for Napoli, the Queen of all things culinary and gastronomic starts and ends with the PIZZA.

For over a thousand years the peasants of Naples, Italy, who lived mostly off of bread and little else, were the first to add tomatoes to their focaccia bread rounds. Pizza as we know it, appears for the first time around 1750. Today more than 5 billion pizzas are consumed globally each year. So we could not help but dedicate our pizzeria to the city it was born in. More specifically, giving it the name that represents the street at the heart of this wonderful city “SpaccaNapoli”.

SPACCANAPOLI 2“Spacca” means “break, divide, split” and in fact SpaccaNapoli is the road that sharply divides the city, and is an area lined with piazzas, monuments, shops, bars and pizzerias. It cannot be said to have seen Naples without having strolled through its streets and alleys, which are a true embodiment of the spirit of the Neapolitan culture. It’s this same spirit that we have brought with us when we left our land and discovered beautiful British Columbia, so young, dynamic and full of life and opportunity. We have followed in the footsteps of many generations of Italians before us.

Our family moved here from Italy only a few years ago; we are two brothers, Giovanni and Marco Cresciullo, together with Naomi Nassisi (Giovanni’s Wife)!

Our dedication for building a true Neapolitan Pizzeria was realized when we saw the same passion in our partners Davide Di Giovanni, Danny and Paolo Pero. In fact, we are all related in some way and are connected by the Italian blood that runs through our veins. We are really proud to be part of this great community and look forward to sharing a taste of our homeland.

We invite you to join us in our kitchen, and look forward to serving you!